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"Together We Grow: Youth Towards an Inclusive Economy"

The exchange project for youth “Together we grow: youth towards an inclusive economy” funded by the European Community will allow 42 young people from 7 different countries to get to know the EoC better.

by Marta Pancheva

EU logo ridThe dates of the 5th European meeting of entrepreneurs and leaders of the EoC are getting close. As is known, it will take place in Križevci, Croatia, from 16 to 20 October and it is an especially important event for those who are already engaged in a life and work according to the main principles of the EoC. At the same time it is an event that could become a good occasion to get to know the EoC from closer also for those who haven't had a chance to do so yet.

And since one of the main objectives of the EoC – emphasised by its founder 130202 Faro 01 RidChiara Lubich back in 1991 – is to “form new people”, it seems essential to involve also the young people in this meeting, giving them the possibility to meet entrepreneurs of communion and discover the culture that is driving their everyday activities; a culture that does not place personal interest in the centre, much rather, the willingness to build a more just world starting from their own companies and local communities to the global network they are all part of.

To achieve this, the European associations (from Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany and Italy) decided to organise a youth exchange that would be simultaneous with and an integral part of the entrepreneurs' meeting, with the title “Together we grow: youth towards an inclusive economy”. So with the help of the European Commission that is co-funding the project, 42 young people aged 18-30 are expected in Croatia, coming from the above mentioned countries to spend some days of immersion into the life of the EoC companies by learning from the experiences shared and the dialogue with the leaders  as well as from group work. 

During the exchange the young people will attend the plenary sessions with university 120204-05 Faro12 Tavernetta ridprofessors and entrepreneurs in order to get a clear idea of how gratuitousness, reciprocity and dialogue can become an out-and-out practice in management. This is how the foundations will be laid for the workshops in which participants will have an opportunity to work on different topics, among them: “What do you need to create an EoC business plan and start-up?”, “The roads of inclusion of the needy on a local level in the life of the company of communion”, “The spreading of the EoC project and its culture”, “Management of the non-profit organisations" and many more...

In order for the meeting to become a real, proper “exchange” of thoughts and experiences, dreams and ideas as well as an occasion for the participants to establish connections that would be kept up after their stay in Croatia, it will be crucial for them to get to know each other's cultures, too. Therefore, various recreational and fun activities are planned from cultural evenings to visits to the town of Križevci and Zagreb.

It is hoped that the six days spent together will help us get to know each other well and 130203 Faro 06 Ridlearn from each other – the young ones from the adults, the adults from the young ones – and to grow together in being able to glimpse some new and unexplored roads; it is undoubted that the participation of people coming from different parts of the continent will give the meeting a fuller European outreach. So we hope that the lives of those present at the meeting will be made richer by the “others” and that this exchange will become a real laboratory of fraternity and, perhaps, also of future projects that take us over and beyond the old geographic and mental frontiers as we follow the way of communion.



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