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Benvenuti, Welcome, Karibu, Nzoni Ngango, Akwaba... in Africa!

The International Congress of the EoC will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 27 to 31 May 2015. An interview with Genevieve Sanze, representative for Africa in the International Commission of the EoC.

by Antonella Ferrucci

110527 Ginetta Genevieve01 ridGenevieve, preparing an event such as the EoC International Congress that takes place once every four years and is a highly significant time for the EoC worldwide is certainly challenging for those who work in the location chosen for the meeting... How are you doing in the African continent in these months of preparation that separate us from May 2015 ?

Joy and gratitude: these are the feelings that prevail in the African EoC, and in the entire Africa - we are happy and grateful that Nairobi and Africa have been chosen to host the next International Congress of the EoC.  We are celebrating the opportunity to host a unique event in the history of the EoC on our continent.

Why Nairobi?

We are aware that choosing Nairobi is a special act of love that aims to bear witness of the communion with us, of the fraternity that we try to live with the EoC. Right now we are busy with the launching of the event: we want to reach to all, without any discrimination.

What is the EoC for Africa?

‘The EoC is very important for us because we understand that it highlights our identity and helps us to realise the weaknesses of our development; it also sustains us and gives us a true and new model of integral development. Poverty has changed Africans and their culture so much that now it is all about a (sometimes desperate) search for survival. However, the EoC not only brings us back to our true cultural vocation and so corrects it, but it also gives us more: all of you, in a single, real family.’

What would you say then to those who get notified of this event today and are planning to come to Nairobi in May in order to take part in this event and be together with all?

‘This is all I want to say:  Benvenuti, Welcome, Karibu, Nzoni Ngango, Akwaba... in Africa!’

Download the flyer of the International Congress of the EoC, Nairobi 2015

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