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Czech Republic - Zlín, 10/03/2014

Czech Republic: in the city where charismatic entrepreneur Tomas Bata was born, an EoC presentation entitled:

From Uncontrolled Profits to the Common Good.

Economy at the Service of the Person and the Common Good. Utopia or Way Out from the Crisis?

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10 March 2014, 20.00h
Klášterní budova Regina
Divadelní 3242/6
Zlín (Czech Republic)

The Economy of Communion is gaining more and more interest among employers, workers and young people, as they draw their work vocation and destination from its core: hence the desire of the Youth Association RR 49, which is connected to the Tomáš Bata University of the city of Zlín to organize together with the local parish community an evening presentation of the EoC.

For the occasion, president of RR49 Denisa Kracíková invited the coordinators of EoC Slovakia Maja Čalfová and Tomáš Sepp as well as entrepreneurs Petr Láska and Jan Šebor from the EoC Czech Republic to present the project and to share their entrepreneurial experiences.

RR49 ragazze ridThe presentation will be attend by some young people who have had the opportunity of an internship at the EoC company called Mundell’s Association and to have experienced the EoC Summer Schools: they tell their peers about their motivations and experiences that inspired them and on this occasion they will also invite them to attend the next Summer School in Paris. An additional programme point will be the presentation of "The New Small Business Revolution" - the Company Cube: a concrete gesture to live together every day to strengthen the courage for being "pro-communion", in the strongly individualistic business world of our days. 

Tomas BataBut the most important part of the evening is the venue of the performance, the city of Zlín. In fact, the famous footwear entrepreneur Tomáš Baťa (1876-1932) was born here. A charismatic personality, his entrepreneurial mission was to serve people, life and the common good: "Let's just do the work that is useful to people." Tomas Bata lived in the time period between the two world wars and in spite of the economic crisis he was able -thanks to his perseverance, honesty, and great confidence in the people - to create healthy and strong businesses with strong social connotations, not only in the current Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in various other places of the world. Tomáš Baťa considered the global economic crisis of those years as a consequence of the moral decline and argued that, "Only the moral values ​​towards people, work and public property are the way out of the crisis."

Zlìn ridHis message is certainly relevant in our time, too. How could we not see the connection between his work and the EoC message? If Tomáš Baťa lived today, would he not be an EoC entrepreneur? It is therefore especially important to remember him and introduce the Economy of Communion in his city, which is still full of the marks of his life work.

The invitation to participate at the event is open to all those who speak the Slovak or Czech languages​​. We look forward to seeing many people and to experiencing that communion is a prophetic word for the lives of the companies and it is a possible way out from the crisis that we are all living and feeling its consequences.

 Translated by Eszter Kató



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