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Genevieve Sanze Nominated Member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity

The nomination was made yesterday by Pope Francis

by Antonella Ferrucci

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Representative of the African continent in the International EoC Commission Genevieve Sanze was caught by surprise yesterday as she received a phone call from the Apostolic Nuncio of Ivory Coast whereby she was informed about her nomination as member of the Pontifical Council for the Laity. "I had no idea of this appointment”, Genevieve tells us, "and to be honest I do not know what exactly it will entail."

We reached Genevieve via Skype in Abidjan as she was preparing to leave for Kenya where over the next few days she will be taking part in the preparation of the upcoming EoC Assembly in Nairobi in 2015. "I told the Nuncio that on my return I will turn to him for information on what this role will entail".

As the only African among the lay members appointed by the Pope yesterday, Genevieve was called in exactly for the role she plays within the EoC. "I'm glad for this nomination and in particular for the fact that of all the roles that I play in the context of the Focolare Movement, Economy of Communion was the one mentioned ", she then continues, "I take much joy in working for the Church, because I chose to do this in my life, serving the Work of Mary (Focolare Movement - ed.) and the Church."

Warm-hearted greetings to Genevieve for this beautiful new challenge that stands before her: as much as we know her, she really has all the cards in her hand to win it! Members of the International EoC Commission were filled with joy by her appointment on all continents, and produced a joyful intertwining of messages. Luigino Bruni sums up the joy of all of them: "This is the Africa that the world needs to know: clever, bright, soberly joyful, sisterly, regal, Marian".

Yesterday Pope Francis confirmed the president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, Cardinal Stanislaw RYLKO as well as its secretary, Msgr. Josef CLEMENS. The nominated members are:

Cardinals: Christoph SCHÖNBORN, Archbishop of Vienna (Austria); Angelo SCOLA, Archbishop of Milan (Italy); John NJUE, Archbishop of Nairobi (Kenya); Reinhard MARX, Archbishop of Munich and Freising (Germany); Cardinal Jacobus EIJK, Archbishop of Utrecht (The Netherlands); Luis Antonio G. TAGLE, Archbishop of Manila (The Philippines); João Braz de AVIZ, Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life; Most Reverends: Charles Joseph CHAPUT, Archbishop of Philadelphia (The United States); Orani João TEMPESTA, O. Cist., Archbishop of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil);

Lay members: Yago DE LA CIERVA (Spain), lecturer in Crisis Management and Communication at the Faculty of Social Institutional Communications of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome; Irene EGLE LAUMENSKAITE, lecturer at the Centre for Religious Studies and Research at the University of Vilnius (Lithuania); Fabrice HADJADJ, director of the Institut Européen d'Études Anthropologiques Philanthropos in Fribourg (Switzerland); Jocelyne KHOUEIRY, founder of the associations La Libanaise-Femme du 31 mai and Oui à la vie (Lebanon); Franco MIANO, national president of Catholic Action in Italy; Geneviève Amélie Mathilde SANZE (Central African Republic), representative for Africa in the International Secretariat of Economy of Communion.

 Translated by Eszter Kató



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