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Slovakia: The striking life of François Neveux

The French entrepreneur’s biography was launched in two cities.

By Maja Calfova

130612-13 Bratislava libri 03 ridThe book launch introduced the Economy of Communion in Slovakia. The local EoC Commission worked for months to organize the two meetings. Many people were involved in the preparation. They learned more about each other and put into practice the EoC principles of graciousness and mutual trust.

François Neveux accompanied us from Heaven most probably smiling underneath his mustache. People from various backgrounds appreciate his life story. His wife Françoise and the EoC French coordinators, Chantal and José Grevin, came to Slovakia for the event.

130612-13 Kosice 15 ridThe first event was held on June 12 in the Panta Rhei bookstore of Košice. The hall was overcrowded. Entrepreneurs, public employees, students and unemployed workers came from Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Czech Republic. Most of them received personal invitations, others saw the advertisements in the city. One of the participants said to us, “When I saw the book launch announcement I decided to come. I couldn't lose the opportunity to learn more about this innovative entrepreneur!”

Utopia v pohjbe rid

Chantal and José introduced François biography and defined him an “entrepreneur for relationships”. Their presentation was moving; it touched the hearts of the participants. The inhabitants of Košice and surroundings were impressed by the fact that François used to employ many poor people. This Slovakian region faces the highest rate of unemployment in the country. They realized that a people-centric business model can replac130612-13 Bratislava-Francoise 01 ride their unjust labor situation. While Françoise autographed the books, she enjoyed a one-on-one short conversation with many participants, who were moved by her husband's life.

The meeting ended with a French-Czech-Ukrainian-Polish-Slovakian lunch. No one received answers to their problems during the hours spent together, but the gathering reinforced participants inner-motivations. They wish to keep in touch and eventually work together for their people.

130612-13 Bratislava 02 ridThe book launch's second meeting took place on June 13 at the Panta Rhei bookstore of Bratislava, Slovakia's capital city. Many politicians took part in the event. After the presentation, one of them commented, “We need you! EoC can help us write innovative labor laws and inspire new policies; it is the right way to move on! Please continue promoting it and remember to invite us to your meetings!” Françoise shared striking facts about her husband's life. The powerful message behind these facts can't be questioned since they weren't based on theories, but on his real life. His experience shows that people with faith and strong will-power realize great deeds; they make EoC mo130612-13 Bratislava 05 ridve on and bear fruits. An enriching plenary session concluded the program. A member of the audience wrote to us, “The conference was interesting and well-prepared. The hall was full of participants who engaged in an enriching debate. I appreciated the musicians as well; they played with joy.”130612-13 Bratislava 09 rid sx

Following the meeting, the participants visited the EoC historical company IN VIVO down town. The renowned business produces ceramics and tourists admire the originality of the products. Gabriela and Lucia started-up this full-fledged EoC company in 1991, the year the project started. We met with their parents, who received us with unforgettable warmth. A young artist was our guide. She used to be a manager and asked for a one year break to rethink her life; she believes art is her true d130612-13 Bratislava ln vivo 16 ridaemon. She displays her paintings on silk in exhibitions throughout Bratislava, Vienna and Prague. We wish that in the future she may bring together her artistic and economic talents through the EoC.

130612-13 Bratislava ln vivo 18 rid

Participants of the book launch, including the Czechs and the Polish, are committed to keep in touch and to help develop the EoC in Slovakia. The Slovaks said to the foreigners, “Do not leave us alone. We should work closely for the EoC in our countries.”

The Slovakian EoC Commission is more motivated than ever. This event gave us courage and enthusiasm. We keep in touch almost every day through email, Skype and telephone; this makes the commission work as one entity in a single soul. We share everything among us and seek to move beyond our group and build new relationships. The commission is relentless to establish the EoC both in Slovakia and in the surrounding countries.

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See the coverage of the event in the Slovak Catholic TV channel LUX (Italian subtitles are available. Click on the subtitle icon at the control panel).




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