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Cameroon: a new Eoc Association is born

Birth of the Association: Actions For an Economy of Communion in Central Africa “AFECAC”  with head office in Yaounde-Cameroon.

by EoC Central African Commission

160716 Yahounde Executive bureau AFECACAt the dawn of challenges! Just 25 years after the birth of the Economy of Communion “ EoC “; supported by the first generation and prompted by the second, EoC takes a new turn in the Central African region. On July 16th 2016, thus comes up the constituting General Assembly of the Association named: Actions For an Economy of Communion in Central Africa “AFECAC”.

This general assembly witnessed the participation of about thirty founding members amidst which could be seen: about ten entrepreneurs; two academicians; six students and a set of senior administrative staffs and professionals of the liberal sector; responsibles of the Focolari Movement of the West and Central Africa zone, by name Salvatore IGNACCOLO and Bernadette NGABO, were also present.

160716 Yahounde Assemblea AFECACUpon reading of statutes, of which works were led by a working commission, the general assembly amended article 14, stipulating that the association refuses the right to cross out or exclude any member ; it thus suggested an addition to this article giving the formulation : “...Nonetheless, the non-compliance with values inherent to EoC can bring about loss of membership”. The outcome of this reading is that the Association will be administered by the General Assembly, the Scientific Council and Management elected on list; and an executive board derived from this council after election on secret ballot.

Discussions and debates closed on the content of statutes, the General Assembly 160716 Yahounde Assemblea AFECAC 3unanimously adopted the statutes presented by the working commission. Follows the reception of candidacy for the Scientific Council and Management.

A single list was proposed with leader Steve William AZEUMO, whose team presented a rich action plan thus:  
-    Opening of a permanent secretariat, before ending October 2016 ;
-    Creation of the Entrepreneurial Resource Centre, before ending December 2016 ;
-    Organisation  of an international seminar on EoC at the Catholic University of Central Africa, within the period running from January 28th through February 28th 2017 ;
-    Organisation of a youth school, within the period running from January 28th through February 28th 2017;
-    Participation in EoC international events for the exchange of experiences.

160716 Yahounde Assemblea AFECAC 2Now came the time for elections of the executive board following candidacies proposed by this list. At the end of elections, members present gave their consent by acclamation of the team which took an oath.

The team is made up of:  
PresidentSteve William AZEUMO, Vice-president : Helsivia NJI BIH, Scientific adviser : Prof Paul Gérard POUGOUE,    Secretary general : Godwill GHENGHAN, Treasurer : Mélanie NJONOU, Financial secretary : Max MBOCK, In charge of external relations : Brice KEMGUEM, In charge of communication : Lawson ASHU, Discipline master : William FOTSO, Project leader No 1 : Simon NKENG NKAFU, Project leader No 2: Juliet SEVER



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