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It's Christmas!

A Merry Christmas from the Economy of Communion!

It’s Christmas!                             
The Word became man and
came on earth to light the fire of love

Chiara Lubich


Dearest EoC businesspeople, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

This year, we wish to send you my own, and our dearest greetings, to say a big thank you for all you do for Chiara’s Economy of Communion.

She has always felt a special gratitude for EoC businesspeople because she was struck by their generosity in giving their profit, often giving up things such as (“a fur coat for the wife...,” April 2001) which many of their colleagues consider necessary.

They do it because they have a higher ideal, they have other riches to leave to their children and grandchildren, other “homes and apartments” which do not crumble and do not pass away since their roots are in heaven, and in the hearts of the poor, whom Jesus called “blessed”, who experience the “kingdom”, and are blest, here and now, thanks to your communion of goods.

We want to continue to love, esteem and thank business owners as Chiara has taught us, nothing less.

This year, thanks to your radicalism, the profits given for the indigent and for a culture of giving have increased (€ 966.744,50), and it is a surprising fact if we think of the crisis situation in many countries, and for some of your businesses.

May Mary, with the new born Jesus, thank you, and help you feel all of our gratitude.

Let us continue the race.

Luigino Bruni



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