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Polo Solidaridad: Communion Gets Moving

An update on the situation of the flood that hit the business park and the Mariapolis Lia, and the ways to work together - by the Argentine EoC Association.

150808 OHiggins Inondazione Polo 06 ridDear friends of the EoC, we would like to tell you in detail about the situation in the business park, in every house and company, because we know that everything that happens we live through together and that many are praying for us and wish to contribute.

Jorge Perrín, from Polo Solidaridad, tells us: ‘Solidarity among us is "naturally" extraordinary. The only machines that can move around are the tractor - Pepe (Marin)'s vehicle - and the small bus of the little town. So they are always around taking people to work, to school, they go to the grocery store for everyone, or carry goods to be delivered, etc.

In a certain context, Chiara (Lubich) said a phrase that has always struck me:
"To die with no regrets" - these days in the smiles, the calls received, in the communion of all our family, in the serene spirit with which we face whatever happens, I understand a little better the LIGHT that drives us to want to "die with no regrets". The greatest things are always ahead of us.’  

How is the situation today?



The water entered two houses of the business park and the garage of a third one. Two more are at risk: the water level is a few centimetres. In some of the rest of the houses, water entered into the basement but the houses are safe for the moment.

Primicias (crops in the open air): Greenhouses next to the road are flooded, the others 150808 OHiggins Inondazione Polo 03 ridget too much moisture from the ground. Greenhouses and the entire production is lost, except part of the production of tomatoes.
Maliandi (Cosmetics) and Pasticcino (Coffee biscuits): They have no water inside. Pasticcino is delivering its products with the tractor of Primicias.


Several sectors of the fenced area and the streets are flooded. For the moment, no water has entered the buildings.

The area
As in much of the province of Buenos Aires the channels and drains are connected to each other; the waste water drains are not enough and the pools of water become "seas". The channel of the Mariapolis and the Pole had been cleaned recently and it is working very well. If the rain stops in a few days the water will go down from the entire citadel. The road connecting the citadel with the surrounding country has a different problem as it drains in another direction. The access between the Mariapolis and the country is completely flooded and you can move around only with special vehicles.


150808 OHiggins Inondazione Polo 04 rid

Local media say that there are 20,000 people affected and 4,000 had to be evacuated in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe. There are closed roads and some others where traffic is reduced. The rain does not lessen and the weather warning is still on. However in some areas the water level has begun to sink slowly.

In the EoC of the Southern Cone we all live for our brothers and friends in the area of the Mariapolis Lia, and also for the thousands of flood victims of recent days in the province of Buenos Aires and the Coast.

We inform those who would like to make a concrete contribution that all help will be coordinated through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you write to this address you will receive appropriate information according to the origin and the type of aid offered.

Asociación de Economía de Comunión Argentina and Unidesa (the company that manages Polo Solidaridad), 13 August, 2015



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