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Portugal: the first steps of Eoc-iin

The first part of the "Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Communion" was held on 4th and 5th June at Giosi Guella Business Park, in Abrigada. There were 20 participants.

by Ana and Mário Maia Matos

160604 05 Abrigada Bootcamp 06 ridThe idea of the Bootcamp comes from inside RAISE, the EoC-AMU social Project to fight unemployment, which began last September and aims to help people find a job. Some of them who have an entrepreneurial instinct are also helped to create their own company with a real incubation process of which the Bootcamp is a first act. The opportunity to participate was also open to other potential entrepreneurs and they were very enthusiastic to join the initiative after having heard about it in the last possible moment. With this first concrete realization Polo Giosi becomes a first operational hub of EoC-iin, the international entrepreneurship support network which was born in Loppiano last March.

The Bootcamp in a nutshell: an intense weekend of scheming and planning of business ideas or social projects, with the aim to develop entrepreneurial skills by using 160604 05 Abrigada Bootcamp 07 rida methodology of communion and always keeping the EoC principles as reference. At the end of the weekend all 7 working groups were able to present a business model, but they were also taking home a powerful experience of communion that has characterized the journey they covered from the outset.

The 20 participants of the Bootcamp arrived on Saturday morning, ready to create their own company - they were heterogeneous in all. They came from several Portuguese cities, and there were also some students among them - from the city of Lisbon and Porto - of Angolan and Brazilian origin. Among the participants there were some unemployed, students and entrepreneurs; they were between the ages of 19 and 55; there were some who had the equivalent of the middle school and some had a master's degree; they had the most diverse training: from music to soap making and even acupuncture.

The methodology of the Bootcamp was based on sessions about various topics related to entrepreneurship (for example: the idea, the product, feasibility, sustainability, financing) and the EoC (for example: the EoC, the EoC entrepreneur, the seven aspects of160604 05 Abrigada Bootcamp 08 rid the company). Each session lasted about an hour, with a 15-minute presentation by one of the trainers and 45 minutes of group work oriented to the immediate application of what they had just learned in the project on which each team had chosen to work. In order to develop some practical skills, the different sessions were interspersed with dynamics that led each participant to solve problems and share difficulties, increasing communion and the group experience, always focusing on the end goal: to get to a business model.

After two days of intense work, each team presented their project in the form160604 05 Abrigada Bootcamp 09 rid of a pitch (short presentation of a start up project - editor's note). During the final sharing, all participants reported that they were taking some important business tools home to develop their own business, and the great new thing they had acquired was the EoC and the experience of communion in those days.

The bootcamp continues on 25 and 26 June to deepen the business model and start the drafting of a business plan of their own idea.

Some final impressions of the participants:

"I leave this place a richer person, with more confidence and motivation to apply what I've learned"; "I felt that the participation of each one has been an important contribution to the experience of shared communion and the end product of our work"; "After this weekend I feel more of a person"; "This experience will stay with us for a long time".

See you on 25 and 26 June at the 2nd weekend of in-depth study!

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