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The EoC-IIN Network Is Born!

At Loppiano, representatives from around the EoC world have designed the new era of the Economy of Communion, finding EoC-IIN the best instrument to reach out to all the possible candidates for the EoC

by Antonella Ferrucci

160310 12 Loppiano Commissioni Edc 33 ridEoC-IIN, that is, EoC International Incubating Network: this is the name chosen to designate the international network of entrepreneurship support, set up on 12 March at the height of an intense work meeting that lasted three days and was held in Loppiano. 80 people from 26 countries – from a wide range of places from various African countries to Korea and the Philippines, from Brazil to Argentina, from Mexico to the United States and almost all European countries gathered to meet representing EoC organisations around the world - commissions, associations and business parks, after preparation works taking place both locally and centrally over the past months; with a significant representation of the youth. The purpose of the meeting was to create a project capable of meeting the challenges of today, and do this in the year of the 25th anniversary of the EoC, thus giving rise to a new era of the EoC all around the world.

The first idea of setting in motion the skills of our entrepreneurs and professionals around the world came from the young people who expressed their desire to create companies during the various Summer Schools, 160310 12 Loppiano Commissioni Edc 30 rid" confides Anouk Grevin"We began to discuss it in the International EoC Commission, and it was understood that the challenge was certainly wider. Hence the decision to involve all the actors of the EoC world in the decision-making process: venturing on a journey of collective creation seemed to be a must at this point. Once in Loppiano, together from around the world, we realized that our aim was not to create yet another business incubator like the thousands that already exist. The goal was greater: to implement a new, great era of EoC revival that would attract smart people with new tools who already have a vocation to the EoC even if they do not know it yet." 

The drawing of a synthesis in Loppiano at the beginning of March was the result of a participatory process that had lasted several months. It started 160310 12 Loppiano Commissioni Edc 31 ridby an initial proposal, then it was considered "whether" this project was to be realised, followed by deciding "what" to do and "how" to do it.

Reporting the words of  Rebeca Gomez, member of the organizational staff of EoC-IIN stationed at Lionello Business Park (Polo Lionello): "It's been a working process divided into stages: the first step was an immersion in the incubation practices of innovative businesses of the world, followed by an in-depth study of the existing experiences and resources in the EoC world in this area. With the continuous exchanges between work groups, geographical regions, and with the dialogue of everyone involved all along, the representatives of each country have understood what they could offer to this network and what resources they needed for the realization of the proposal. In the coming months we will continue to work locally, in dialogue with the International Commission, to give concrete form to the project."

Particular attention has been paid to the African continent. After the meeting a whole day Logo Eoc iin rid was dedicated to the in-depth study of the work begun in 2010, highlighting the great contribution of the African EoC to the world, its specificity and the way to communicate the EoC in these regions.

But what is basically the Economy of Communion International Incubating Network (EoC – IIN) that was born in Loppiano? We ask Florencia Locascio to tell us about it as she has been actively working to lay the foundations of this project already since December:

EoC-IIN is a global organisation expressed in the form of a network for the incubation of new companies with the spirit of communion, with hubs present on all continents, which will offer various services in the incubation process bearing the hallmark of generosity (gratuitousness) 160310 12 Loppiano Commissioni Edc 34 ridand reciprocity. The fundamental aim of this project is to acquire new tools to better accompany a new generation of entrepreneurs and many others who have the vocation to an economy of communion, but do not know it yet."

There are already many incubators, in other words, systemic support structures for business ideas, in the world. The strength, the real capital of this initiative is the Economy of Communion: a real community with a strong cultural imprint, which deals with promoting the growth of new generations of people and companies. In fact the name expresses very well what EoC-IIN will do: it will be an international network with specific characteristics of the EoC which will "embrace", or - to keep the concept inherent in the word "incubation" - "keep warm", new EoC companies to allow them to be born, to grow and develop. 

How will EoC-IIN work?

Let's turn to Florencia Locascio: for an explanation:  "Its motto could be: 'Implement locally, 160310 12 Loppiano Commissioni Edc 27 ridthink globally'.Taking departure from the perspective of subsidiarity, it was decided together to start from local initiatives and resources, supporting and connecting them into the network, so as to form a single global organisation together. Every country that has offered to be a hub will provide various services to the managers of entrepreneurial projects, starting from the strengths of their own organisation: offering co-working spaces, tutoring and mentoring networks, workshops, internships in companies for young entrepreneurs, etc. The network will foster the exchange of resources, knowledge, talent and people. In addition, the business parks will have a strategic role in this organisation. Economic resources are already available to create a minimal structure to activate the project and start operation."

160310 12 Loppiano Commissioni Edc 36 ridThe meeting in Loppiano was also an opportunity for EoC Associations operating in several countries to connect already in a concrete and operative way as in the case of the Italian AIPEC and Brazilian ANPECOM associations: the decision to sign a pact of "twinning" and mutual cooperation was made in the very instant of meeting and getting to know each other.

EoC-IIN: summary of a project that will have a positive impact not only in promoting the creation of new ideal-driven companies, but also in reviving all of the EoC. It is expected to lead to: strengthening the role of the EoC entrepreneurs (who will be the firsts 160310 12 Loppiano Commissioni Edc 35 ridto offer skills, experience and support to young people); connecting the first and the second EoC generation in new ways; making our global EoC network grow; joining others who are already working for a new economy; finding an appealing and more contemporary language to promote the innovation that the EoC brings; contributing to the development of the business parks; finding new ways to give back a place to those who have been excluded from the economy, helping them, too, to become generators of wealth; finally - especially - it will lead to "going out" through calls for other instruments, proposing the EoC to the many creative and rich people with ideal values ​​who do not know it yet: starting to move towards all possible candidates for the EoC will bring about a new era for the entire project, capable of a future..

The deadline of the Call for Projects - projects developed for EoC-IIN by EoC actors from around the world are to be submitted before 30 June 2016 to the International EoC Commission, to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The International EoC Commission will evaluate them and give a reply before 30 September 2016. The conditions for this first "call for projects" will be communicated as soon as possible.

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