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One company is not enough!

The EoC Entrepreneurs Widen Their Horizons. The Words of the Vice President of AIPEC

by Ornella Seca

from "Economia di Comunione - una cultura nuova" n.41 - editorial insert in Città Nuova n.13/14 - 2015 - July 2015

N41 Pag 12 Ornella Seca Autore ridI promise to dedicate my life as an apostle of the Economy of Communion and so make my contribution in the most just and fraternal way possible so that the greatest dream of Chiara (Lubich) may come true: “That all may be one”.
This is the text of the pact signed by those present at the end of the 5th International EoC Congress at the Mariapolis Piero (Nairobi, Kenya). I was overcome by an unexpected emotion when Luigino Bruni read the text first in English, then in Italian: surrounded by the whole world I felt that the decision to sign it moved in the deepest chords of my being.

Looking around at the close of these meaningful and beautiful days of this adventure in the Economy of Communion I saw faces of all colours, but all of them had the same look and the same smile. I saw myself reflected in them, and I was also like them, our only common factor being our happiness, the type that has its origin in the heart.

It was not only a signature among the many, but a brick that together with the other bricks was building hope, joy and the confidence that together we can change our economy that is so ill now.
It was obvious that the Economy of Communion is a spirit that is moving forward in the world; the talent of many can be expressed through it and in this way it affects, influences and infects many more wherever it is present: in the Congo, Kenya, Burundi or Italy...

As a flashback the happenings of the previous days dashed through my mind and I felt the words of Piero Pasolini1 resonate in me, as I heard them in one of his videos: “ «According to the logic of the Gospel N41 Pag 12 Joao Laurindo rid- he affirmed - our actions must seek the implementation of the ‘civilization of the hundredfold,’ the basis of our social revolution.”  The civilisation of the hundredfold that is realised here, in this corner of the world where each of us was listening to the presentation of projects, dreams and studies of the others, creating a dynamic in which you could not see any more who was giving and who was receiving, because everything was love.

It is a dynamic in which everyone has come to the hundredfold stated in the Gospel. I can claim to have found that when this kind of civilisation is at work, the boldest intentions come true through the love for each and every brother.

This is how the certainty emerged that we entrepreneurs, committed to an Economy of Communion, at any latitude of the Earth find that “one company is not enough”. Now I understand even better why I feel a burning desire to bring forth a new economic reality in my professional sector: it may not be as I imagined it, but it will certainly have the DNA of our EoC.

Some young people threw themselves at the large sheet of the pact immediately, and they were followed by others, one after the other in a burst of colour, African clothes and others, white heads and others... Acting with solemnity and a strong conviction, I myself have also added my signature.

1 Piero Pasolini, a theoretical physicist and an intellectual of great culture, was one of the first companions of Chiara Lubich. He particularly liked the African continent and its cultures and he was among the first builders of the Little Town of Fontem in Cameroon.



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