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Prague Summer School: We're Live Now

The 2015 EoC Summer School continues: intense presentations but also much dialogue and an interesting afternoon spent in the city

by Stefania Nardelli and Giulia Pongiglione

150826 Praga EoC SS 13 rid SxHalf way through this Summer School, Prague welcomed us with the beauty of its architecture, the charm of the Imperial Castle and the River Vltava crossing through it.

Our days continued with the launch of the Company Cube, which prompted us to experience how even competitors can become friends and colleagues and encouraged us to find the time to get to know each other and break the barriers to creating an environment of mutual aid.

The lectures were intense and crucial for understanding the evolution and spread of 150826 Praga EoC SS 14 rid dx the culture and the reality of the Economy of Communion (EoC). Vittorio Pelligra used game theory to show how culture and social norms emerge and develop, so we could understand that despite its vulnerability, the "Culture of Giving" can spread by promoting values that reflect it and by creating networks of mutual support. This way there emerges a shared identity that can be imitated, and then diffused, too.

Luigino Bruni explained how 150826 Praga EoC SS 09 rid sxthe whole economy and the tradition of management consider vulnerability, or the wound that is created on a personal level by interpersonal relationships an enemy to be avoided. EoC's reality, however, accepts the paradox that sees the human being happy in relationships but also wounded by these and, aware that the genuine and sincere relations satisfy our need for happiness, it accepts vulnerability and proposes to live in communion.

After the lectures, there was an opportunity to elaborate the topics in small groups and with teachers, in an open dialogue depending on the questions raised in the groups.  This opportunity allows participants to bring up aspects that may have seemed unclear, but also to clarify their doubts and discuss the different views.

A Skype connection connected us with Belgium and Koen Vanreusel, who is an EoC entrepreneur. He urged us not to be afraid to start a business working for what150825 Praga EoC SS 08 rid dx we are passionate about, because EoC entrepreneurs are willing to give contributions to create a support network.

After that, Polish entrepreneurs Teresa Twardosz and Boguslaw Musiolik took the floor and shared their experiences of entrepreneurship with us, not forgetting those precious moments of difficulty that characterized their personal and professional growth.

The open dialogue entitled “Money or Life? Should people serve money or should money serve people?” was very special indeed. It was performed by well-known Czech economist Tomáš Sedláček who is the author of the book “Economics of Good and Evil” and Luigino Bruni, at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Prague.150826 Praga EoC SS 10 rid dx The event was particularly engaging both from an academic and human point of view: their arguments evoked spontaneous questions from the audience, giving way to the discussion of a wide range of topics from economic theories to management, from capitalism to the values ​​that would inspire their hypothetical business activity, and even the number of hours they consider socially optimal for the institutional management of immigration and the opportunities it can offer. All in all, it was two hours of intense dialogue, lightened by a good deal of mutual sympathy between the two academics.



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