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One company is not enough!

Yesterday the EoC's 5th International Congress ended at the Mariapolis Piero (Nairobi, Kenya): "extraordinary" was the most frequently used word in the feedback received. The concrete commitment of entrepreneurs for the young.

by Lili Mugombozi

150531 Nairobi Congresso EdC 74 ridOne company is not enough, that's what more than 300 entrepreneurs from 41 countries on 5 continents stated, in conclusion of the 2015 International Congress of the EoC in Nairobi, in the midst of dances, songs and colours: "We are a people of merrymaking," exclaims Luigino Bruni.

In order to look to the future, the last morning saw the Congress turn our very special gaze to the new generations. From the very start, Anouk Grevin managed to involve those present: "When a child is born, the whole community takes care of the child who is born is everyone's", an applause breaks because this statement represents one of the most cherished values ​​to African peoples (" it takes a whole village to raise a child" - the editor). Then she explains: "With the young people who attended the International EoC School, we have experienced some wonderful dreams".

Anouk goes around the room very enthusiastically; the walls are covered by the projects of the young people, their dreams - Anouk reads them out. With a unique creativity and a passion that's difficult to describe, these young people present their projects: some of them are already being implemented, others are only "dreams" as yet, but they do not care!150531 Nairobi Congresso EdC 55 rid

She then asks a question: “do want to leave them alone?" The response of the room arrives instantly, and it is just as passionate and engaging: entrepreneurs take turns the microphone to express their desire and commitment to become the first advocates of these dreams. John Mundell launches a call to his friends: he requests them to open their companies up to introduce new generations to the world of work: "Beyond professionalism, the experience in the EoC businesses lets them feel the richness of real relationships.

The life stories of entrepreneurs - especially the young ones - from around the world allows us a glimpse into a better future: from Italy to Argentina and Paraguay, and until the presentation of a thesis on the EoC by a young Brazilian woman who is about to conclude her studies at the Sophia Institute.

150531 Nairobi Congresso EdC 72 ridIf today our attention is fixed on the present-future then this is also an important moment to take up strong and binding commitments: "we have to promise never to turn back," that's the good wish of Luigino Bruni. "In these days we have experienced miracles, our life stories should be proclaimed to everyone. The EoC is not a commodity (a good merely for consumption), there are many people around the world who are waiting. We should continue to be the "producers" of communion and not only consumers of it".

The final document is a strong reminder. The promise to dedicate one's life for an economy of communion.  At this point the entrepreneurs want to leave a sign of their personal commitment that materializes in a "pact," to be signed freely by anyone.

To "close" the Congress Genéviève Sanzé takes the floor: "They say that good things come to an end, 150531 Nairobi Congresso EdC 57 patto ridbut I think we have to change this sentence. We have had such a fraternal and joyful Congress that it just cannot end; this is where our course really begins, it's time to set out and go to the world."

One company is not enough, just like "One city is not enough”, one of the best known writings of Chiara Lubich, cultivates the final reflection of these five very rich days, and ignites a passion to live a dream, to see the world "invaded" by EoC companies. "With a God who comes to see you every morning if you wish, a single city is too little... aim further: to your country, to the world. May every breath of yours serve this; may every action of yours..."

150531 Nairobi Congresso EdC 56 firma patto ridThe words of the pact signed by the EoC entrepreneurs yesterday, on 31st May 2015 at the Mariapolis Piero (Nairobi, Kenya)


I promise to dedicate my life
as an apostle of the Economy of Communion  and so make my contribution for a more just and fraternal world
so that the greatest dream of Chiara (Lubich) may come true:  "That all may be one".



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