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EoC, a great dream: the second day of the EoC School

An unusual teaching method: to share one's life and dreams. In the Mariapolis Piero (Nairobi, Kenya) the EoC School is in course.

by Lili Mugombozi

150523 Nairobi EoC School 30 ridThe EoC, a big dream, this was the issue around which the young people gathered at the Little Town Piero, Kenya on Saturday, 23 May in the second day of the International EoC School: the number of participants has grown since young people from Argentina, Hungary, Egypt and from various African countries also joined the group.

Right at the start of the day, after the warm welcome to those who did not attend the previous day, Steven, a young Cameroonian takes the microphone and says to his peers: "I have a big dream that I never want to lose sight of: never stop dreaming ... if I stop dreaming it is all over for me - and you?" Between the laughter and applause, observing the back of the room I sense that these young people are really smart. They may be dreaming, but the projects they have in minds are very concrete and precise.

 “A big dream is always born and remains closely tied to a personal story ... 150523 Nairobi EoC School 20 ridand the choices that we make should be a consequence of what we dream about. This school is really special, those who spoke to us gave us not only their knowledge but also their own life, they have given themselves", that's what Christian, a young man of the Republic of Congo, shares with me, reflecting on the personal life stories of two of their teachers: the Italian Vittorio Pelligra and Scottish Lorna Gold.    

In fact their teaching method is quite curious: they tell the story of their own lives. There is a striking similarity between the personal stories they brought to the students, the ones that made them understand the EoC and become its researchers... Both are young, in fact, very young and enthusiastic about life; they both strongly believe in the Ideal of a United World and share it with many other young people of the whole world - and more. It is a big dream then, nothing less than "the dream of a God," as Chiara Lubich once said, exactly to them, the young. A dream that will not be lost from sight even when it comes to making important decisions of life as that of choosing a university faculty to attend in order to have an impact on the society around them, to make a just society that is dignifying for every human being come true – and not only in words 150523 Nairobi EoC School 16 ridbut in practice.

The stories have a special charm and a great impact on the audience the two presenters are facing, so much so that they make Michel exclaim: "I would like to do my PhD on the EoC, how can I make this dream come true?". And he adds, "I don't think I am the only one in this room."

It evokes a deep dialogue: teachers and students share dreams, frustrations and discouragements, but also stories of small and large success. The discussion extends to the global economic crisis and its impact on developing countries, ranging from multinationals to the UN, from the major issues such as climate change, to international relations. It is striking, for example, how the young people from the mine region of Katanga (DRC) are aware of the drama that hits them from so close - an evidence of how firmly they have their feet on the ground! The dialogue continued in the amazingly rich time of exchanges in the various working groups that were the key moments of the course of these days.



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