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Brazil: a Journey That's Left a Sign for Us

The journey of Maria Voce (Emmaus) and Giancarlo Faletti in Brazil. meetings and impressions from the world of EoC.

140326 Emmaus Polo Ginetta 3These are a few lines to tell about the stops and fruits of the Brazilian journey of Maria Voce (Emmaus) and Giancarlo Falletti, president and co-president of the Focolare Movement respectively. Their visit took place in the months of March and April. More than just giving a detailed account of each of their visits and meetings with the EoC leaders, we would like to highlight what they said and some impressions of those who were there.  

First stop: Polo Ginetta (Igarassu – PE): After the welcome greetings and a presentation of the local establishment, Maria Voce and Giancarlo Faletti spoke up to express their joy. A few of their thoughts:

Giancarlo: ‘For us it is a privilege to meet people who have believed in the power of this announcement (of the EoC), it is a good occasion to say thank you to all of you. (...) You make us see the vitality of a charisma that has come to life in the history of a people and an area like North-East Brazil. Therefore, another thank you is in place.’

Emmaus:‘When we arrived and stood at the gate of the pole I couldn't help saying: »This is a whole different world!« I would like to convince all the big entrepreneurs of the world to come and see this. I'd like to compare their joy with ours and see who's got more. I believe that many of them would say: I'll move here.’140326 Emmaus Polo Ginetta 14

During the meeting with the community of the Movement, while answering a question about how to develop Polo Ginetta, they said this: We should not be restless: let us help each other, share goods and work on this enterprise together because surely it is desired by many of you, but above all by the youth, for it is the youth that should be restless. Our little seed that we have sown is blooming with flowers now thanks to the dedication and efforts and love of many - and it is also true for the Polo Ginetta.'

Dima Pinto, head of the EoC commission of this region remarked: ‘The meetings with Emmaus and Giancarlo meant much for me: motivation, certainty, desire for more heroism, more generosity. They have opened future perspectives for Polo Ginetta by making us see new horizons of light and hope.’

Second stop: Polo Spartaco (Cotia – SP): At the Polo Spartaco the visit to the companies started by a full shift of work: consecutive meetings with the entrepreneurs, workers and members of the Council of ESPRI, the society running the pole.
Carlos Ferrari, president of the CDA summarises the impressions of those present: ‘It was a meeting with the Polo's family, on this blessed land. Touching moments: at every step there was a new sensation to be received, coloured by the beauty and harmony represented by the Pole. I felt that Chiara's prophecy about this place has to do with the result of the companies of the poor and with the birth of a new type of economic action that is according to God's plan - and this makes me love and believe in resurrection.’

140410 Emmaus Polo Spartaco 1Some of the thoughts Emmaus and Giancarlo shared with us.

Giancarlo: ‘We should be kissing your feet because this Pole is also a place of testimony for all those in the world who have started this EoC adventure and know your experiences and faithfulness.

Emmaus: ‘It is like contemplating a miracle and being certain that - since it is a miracle - the other half of it is done by God! We can do our part but the real author of the miracle is God and since he is the one to make this miracle happen everything is possible. It is possible that those going through a difficult phase manage to overcome it, it is possible for businesses to rise, it is possible for the testimony of this communion to grow, which has its origin here like a stone that is thrown into a creek making many ripples - these ripples then get to the entire world, which is in need of an economic vision.'

Third stop: Meeting with the leaders of the Brazilian EoC: The programme: together with the commissions and other interested (and passionate) people in the EoC gathered from the extreme ends of this huge country we prepared this occasion with much attention, using all means: messages, skype - so that it would all be the fruit of communion, 140411 Emmaus MariapoliGinetta 1especially with the youth. The intention: to reach out with the two-day meeting and instil hope and the joy of working for such a great project in everyone. There were also some Argentinian entrepreneurs present with whom a closer contact has been established since last year.

In the morning a summary of the national and international EoC events of 2013 was presented to recall the conclusions and efforts taken on each occasion. Then there was a session dedicated to reflection using Chiara's words from the foundation of EoC, which was a time for sharing.

In the afternoon there was a meeting with Emmaus and Giancarlo with the participation of many people from all over Brazil and from the entire world who joined in via Internet connection. The questions asked touched upon different aspects starting from the testimony of the entrepreneur to the involvement of the entire Focolare Movement in the EoC, from the emancipation of the EoC (towards the Movement) to the 'falling in love' again with the project and to the improved relationships of sharing between entrepreneurs.

140411 Emmaus MariapoliGinetta 2Flávio Toledo, a young entrepreneur from the State of Sao Paolo described the meeting as follows: ‘It was a time of "rejuvenation" of EoC I lived with Emmaus and Giancarlo. To realise that the only way of continuing is to persist in love gave me even more confidence in wanting to find the youthful aspect of EoC, also because the EoC proposal will not change and even less the love that keeps it alive. The only thing that will have to change is the people who will be next to the new conductors. We'll always remember this occasion because it was a real "YES" in terms of intention and action, too, on behalf of the pioneers of the EoC and also the young people for working together! It was like "moving on" to a new phase and the testimony was passed on (almost physically) to the young people so that the EoC could rejuvenate and evolve further. I would also like to add that it was the highest type of recognition for the work done in these 22 past years by the people who believed that the world would be better thanks to the EoC. It is a life goal that can be defined as "very successfully realised"!’

Regarding the relationship of the members of the Focolare Movement (or Work of Mary) with the EoC, Emmaus said: 'There is no aspect of the Movement that would be linked to a single group of people only, because everything in the Movement is directed at the same goal, the Ut Omnes ("May they all be one"). Therefore if the EoC develops, it is the Ut Omnes that develops. The entire Work means that the entrepreneur, who may be alone, owning a business, fighting for its upkeeping and looking for ways of sharing with others etc... he himself is the Work, too.'

Fourth stop: Meeting of the Social Organisations: The leaders of the EoC were present at the meeting with the Social Organisations of the Movement precisely in order to join forces in the face of inequalities, making the poor their priority. Some of the answers emerging were extremely important for the future - we would like to highlight two of them: 1) Even if sometimes we are completely alone trying to propagate the EoC, we should not feel so: there are many others working in other fields, with different tools, but for the same goal; 2) It seems foolish to think of the problems of others and of the entire humanity more than our own. But we are glad to be 'crazy'!

Armando Tortelli, president of Anpecom summarised the events of these days as follows: 140411 Emmaus MariapoliGinetta 3 ‘The visit of Emmaus and Giancarlo changed a lot of things in the EoC of Brazil because it changed the hearts of its protagonists. It is clear now that the EoC cannot be pursued without having the goal in mind to give our lives for each other. It is true for the commissions, in the life of the Poles... Another wonderful fruit of these days in Brazil is a new, beautiful harmony between us, the pioneers of the EoC and the youth. They say that for the first time they can see that there is no distinction between the "first ones" and "those joining in now" - instead, we are all one in the realisation of this enterprise. Now I think that after twenty years we should make a new strategic plan and put it into practice: we need a strong structure to carry on. I can see a new enthusiasm for the EoC here in Brazil.

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