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News from Polo Lionello

News from Polo Lionello

By Carla Pagliarulo

From "Economy of Communion - a new culture" N. 30 - December 2009

N30_Carla_PagliaruloOne-hundred days since her nomination, we interviewed the President of the Polo´s Administrative Council, Eva Gullo. “We´re at the beginning of this adventure,” said Gullo, “and it´s a challenge to meet, as each one has to travel to get here and has numerous commitments. But we´re very happy when we see each other. There’s a sense of responsibility towards the post received and commitment in doing all our small part for a project that transcends us. It´s necessary to invest time in generating true relationships of communion among us and to value the contribution each one has to make. This way, we can be one reality in our relationship with the Polo´s inhabitants.
From there, it will be possible to develop an always deeper communion among the entrepreneurs present at the Polo, between the shareholders and businesses, also in the businesses throughout Italy and their institutions. We must always have present is what Chiara Lubich told us: ´The EoC was born so that one day it would be able to give this example: a people where there is no one in need, no poor´.”

What is currently the Polo´s strong point?

The possibility to create dialogue with institutions and businesses in the surrounding area and N30_Eva_Gullothroughout the country. We are already seeing positive signs of this. For example, starting October 1, an agreement with our area´s ASL Births Center will go into action. They will use the convention halls of the Polo to hold informative medical-assistance workshops on birth-preparation, which will involve new moms and dads from four nearby towns.

One recent event that shows how this communion is built is the meeting which took place last September 19 between the Administrative Council, the EoC Commissions of Italy and a plentiful group of entrepreneurs. We gathered impressions of some members of the commissions who participated in this meeting.

Giuseppe Pintus from Sicily wanted to underline the characterizing mark of the meeting: the sharing. He said, “I was touched by the choral response in facing items on the meeting´s agenda. I have to recognize that there is a greater group spirit in collaborating with the programs of the new Administrative Council. From all over Italy, we look at the reality of the Polo together, with many expectations, but mostly by putting ourselves at its service.”

Apostolo Gianfranco, from Basilicata, said, “In these last few years, the Polo´s identify has evolved from industrial to commercial. And so, the initiatives that attract people have become fundamental: providing a meeting place for youth, formational courses, and artistic events. The Polo must always continue to become more of a place where the EoC can be communicated through simple gestures.”

Other participants of the meeting included some of the Polo´s inhabitants, like the Poly-ambulatory RISANA, represented by it´s president Maria Teresa Maffoni. “This meeting marked the beginning of a second phase,” she said. “While these first years served to lay the foundations, now you see the need to go ahead together with greater awareness of the fact that the Polo, with the businesses there, is an expression of a much greater reality: the EoC in Italy.”
N30_Paolo_MaroncelliRight now, the Polo Lionello is going through further developments. We asked the delegated administrator, Paolo Maroncelli, to explain us the main changes in store: “Among the first needs that we want to respond to is a communications project that would give visibility to the Polo, both through new brochures and by equipping the gallery with an audio-visual system that can show images of EoC life. Besides this, a new website is in the works, with a blog for dialogue with users. Italian EoC businesses who want to can publish their links and contact information there. A calendar of events and programs at the Polo will also be on the site, and there will be a reserved area for associates.”

We know that the Polo is also a place for formation. Can you tell us something about this?

“The Polo not only hosts businesses, but it welcomes the world which revolves around it. For example, there are three different sized meeting halls available for use, which can host diverse formative events in the area, on various topics.  For example, the Comunitá Solidali of the CGM Group Consortium has held some academic formation courses there in our halls.”

In these days, the reception and gallery of the Polo hosted numerous painted works. You could say that the doors have been opened to art. What are the prospects in this regard?

“Our desire is to enrich the presence of art at the Polo, with the beauty and creativity that this brings. A local artist, Celeste Di Luca, came to ask if she could exhibit her work here as she felt that the Polo is particularly adapt for the values it expresses.”

N30_Celeste_De_LucaWe asked Celeste Di Luca why she chose the Polo for her personal exhibit, which was inaugurated recently. “I was looking for a place to exhibit my works that wasn´t a typical art gallery. I found out about the Polo Lionello casually, when I was invited here for a cup of coffee, and I was immediately touched by it´s harmonious and luminous architecture. Then, I was certain that this was the place for my paintings when I got to know the people that work at the Polo. They welcomed me and that was the beginning of a relationship of communion, which is what my works intend to express.”

“The inauguration of my exhibit was a formative occasion for me and for many friends and others (nearly seventy guests, among whom professionals and such in the art world) who didn´t know about the Polo or the Economy of Communion, but they felt at ease and had a way to get closer to this new economic reality.”

The Poly-ambulatory RISANA begins it´s activity on October 24.

N30_Maria_Teresa_MaffoniFounded by 9 associates in February of 2008, and awaiting to establish itself in it´s offices at the Polo (420 sq.m. of the upper level), the cooperative RISANA began working in a provisional headquarters on July 1, 2008.

Some history: since 1998, a dentist office in Incisa Valdarno brought professionals linked to the small town of Loppiano in more direct contact with the local area. Over time, a network of specialists in a variety of medical backgrounds began to consolidate itself and the project of a poly-ambulatory blossomed.

Currently, RISANA offers dentistry and welcomes individual professionals from various disciples in the surrounding offices. In particular, since July of 2009, medical specialists in cardiology, neurology and neurophysiology, gynecology, internal medicine, and adult psychology are at work there. Complementary medicine is represented as well with specialists in osteopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy.

There are also two physical therapists with different specializations: global postural re-education according to Mezieres, Manual Medicine, cranial sacral therapy and profound osteopathy. Soon, there will also be a CUP (central ultrasound processing) center open for appointments of prescribed medical exams.

N30_Mostra_PoloFinally, in the afternoon of October 24, the headquarters of the Poly-ambulatory will be inaugurated at the Polo. The event will be a chance for dialogue about the conviction held by RISANA professionals: that entering into relationship with the other – whether colleague, health worker, patient or family member – is fundamental to carrying out these professions in a way that responds to today´s expectations.

The associates hold tight to the need to recuperate a medical vision based on the respect of values of the dignity of human life and combine this with technological and scientific progress for a professional that aims at excellence and brings the person back to the center of interest in the art of medicine.

The Polo seems like a priveledged place to spread these ideas, almost like a “shop window” that multiplies the effects of the individual efforts of many health works who are searching to live out their profession in the light of fraternity.



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