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USA - Chicago 21-22/04/2010

Three Sessions on the EoC at a conference sponsored by De Paul University in Chicago on Benedict XVI´s new encyclical, on the occasion of "World Catholicism Week 2010"

Tradition and Liberation: Charity in Truth and the New Face of Social Progress 

April 21-22, 2010
Student Center
DePaul University
2250 N. Sheffield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614

In Caritas in Veritate Pope Benedict writes: When we consider the issues involved in the relationship between business and ethics, as well as the evolution currently taking place in methods of production, it would appear that the traditionally valid distinction between profit-based companies and non-profit organizations can no longer do full justice to reality, or offer practical direction for the future. In recent decades a broad intermediate area has emerged between the two types of enterprise. 

It is made up of traditional companies which nonetheless subscribe to social aid agreements in support of underdeveloped countries, charitable foundations associated with individual companies, groups of companies oriented towards social welfare, and the diversified world of the so-called “civil economy” and the “economy of communion”. This is not merely a matter of a "third sector", but of a broad new composite reality embracing the private and public spheres, one which does not exclude profit, but instead considers it a means for achieving human and social ends (CIV#46).

Taking the economy of communion as developed by Chiara Lubich, the founder of the ecclesial movement Focolare, and her followers as the chief example, these two sessions will examine the theoretical and practical implications of the idea of a “broad new composite reality embracing the private and public spheres” and try to assess the broader significance of the entrepreneurship of the Focolare for other innovators in the Church and the world. They will address the question of how this plurality of forms of business expands civilization and competitiveness.

April 21, 2010

- 10:00 AM - Economy of Communion I. Speaker: Amy Uelmen, "Caritas in Veritate and Chiara Lubich: Human Development from the Vantage Point of Unity"
- 1:30 PM - Economy of Communion II.
Speaker: Lorna Gold, “From 'Spirituality of Communion' to 'Economy of Communion' - the Evolution of a New Economic Culture” 

April 22, 2010
- 11:00 AM - Economy of Communion III. Speaker: John Mundell, “The Business of Working in Communion: The Art of Building Relationships within an Economy of Communion Company”

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